Friday, May 09, 2014

Nearly Done!

We're driving back from my last "final exam trip" to the third university, the one in which I only "tele-teach." 

My husband is staring a collaboration with a faculty member on his area at this university, so we found someone to stay overnight with the kids and he came with me! It wa awesome to grade almost very last exam from U#2 while he drove yesterday, but It was no date trip, however. After giving my exams and feeding my students Brazilian food (a great success as always), K went to have dinner with his colleague while I stayed at the hotel grading.  We wanted to have gone see a movie (The Great Hotel Budapest), but I had to grade until very late. I did get to eat K's Indian food leftovers which were amazing!

I still need to post some final grades today, but we're driving to see the end of the graduate commencement I which three friends are graduating. Hopefully we won't get there too long after it's over!!

I'm really looking forward to being really done, though!

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