Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Epic Wedding Shower!

I can't resist, I have to post these photos! 
Many of them are a bit blurry because there wasn't enough light to photograph without flash. :(
I edited them and cropped some (a first for me! I never take the time to edit, but I'm learning).

I was only responsible for the drinks, my passion fruit mousse, and helping set things up (thankfully, because I was up most of the night on Saturday with my husband who was making a movie for the shower on iMovie). And I also gave suggestions to the bride's mother which helped her plan some of the decorations. This shower was a group effort, although the bride's mom made most of the decorations and the food. Oh, and I made prints of the couple's photos and put them in picture frames from my house, and prepared a banner (inspired by this one) with the bride & groom's names, but didn't take any good photos of it.
The "Lovebirds" ;-)
aren't they adorable? :-)
The drinks 
(plain water/seltzer water with fruit and punch made with Hagen Daz sorbet)
An overview:
 The Food! (mostly Romanian)
 The Desserts: 
(my passion fruit mousse* is in the tiny cups)
 The Gift table:
Wasn't it a lovely shower? :)
* I make it using frozen passion fruit pulp by Goya, if anyone is wondering, blended (in a blender, obviously) with condensed milk and "La Crema" heavy cream.


Rene said...

Good for you, editing photos! For as much as you love photography, I still can't believe that you haven't been doing this all along.

The punch looks beautiful.

A Joyful Chaos said...

Everything about this shower looks lovely!