Thursday, May 22, 2014

One More Thing!

I forgot that I actually have one more thing to do, but it's such a "useless" thing that I had totally pushed it off my mind until now.

I need to update my CV and make a list of my teaching & professional development activities of the past year and email that to the chair of the department at U#2. The same chair who is not doing anything to help me continue to be full-time.

Does this document even matter to U#2? Probably not much. They didn't even start asking for it until last year, when the number of lecturers increased.

Sigh... And of course the reason why I didn't finish it has more to do with my angst in relationship to me working there than anything else. I was also trying to do as much work for U#2 on campus and on the day I started working on my document I was missing my CV which was not in Dropbox, but on my laptop at home.

Needless to say that since that day I've copied the CV into Dropbox, but did I go back to working on the document? Obviously not!

Oh well. Gotta take my son to soccer practice and will try to send that later today. Even if I don't feel like it...


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Heidi said...

I'm reading a book right now called 48 Days to the Work You Love. I feel like I enjoy what I do, but need ideas on how to refine and expand more. So the chapter I was reading today talked a lot about growing insecurity in today's work force. I haven't completely finished reading about how to prepare oneself for inevitable change, but it is really good so far. I would recommend the book, if you could get a chance to read it this summer.