Thursday, May 01, 2014

I Missed Him!

Kelvin was gone on a bell choir trip to Kentucky for nearly six days and I missed him! It didn't help much that we got him a phone partly so he could get in touch during his trip(s) (for now once a year with the bell choir), but he only called me/us four times! 

They left on Tuesday morning and he called on Wednesday morning (woke us up at 7 am, I was never happier to be awakened by a phone call! ;-), he called my phone quickly on Wed. afternoon as I was driving home from work, he called the house on Thursday evening (from a baseball game) and, again on Saturday afternoon when he was having a rest break.

I was happy that his teacher kept the students' phones with him at certain times (like when they were driving places) and only gave them to the kids at appointed free times, but I do wish he'd texted/called more! I guess I'll have to get used to this... sigh...

He came back saying it was "the best trip ever!" and I had to remind him that it was his very first trip and that probably every trip after this one would be the best again (hopefully!). He had a great time, he says, especially joking around with the boys in the car. His bell choir has 9 girls and only 4 boys and all kids are from 6th, 7th or 8th grades.

Since he arrived on Sunday afternoon and we barely had time to talk, this weekend I need to spend some quality time watching all videos he took on his phone (over an hour, I gather). I guess photos are too boring for this age group! At least I'll have a good glimpse of his fun times!

Wow, he really is growing up, his first long trip! My first trip, when I was in 8th grade, was AMAZING! I traveled with our school's concert band to the Center-West region of Brazil, including the capital Brasília. Unforgettable!

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