Sunday, May 11, 2014

Waiting for breakfast in bed! (and link-love)

It's taking a while (given that I was the first person up this morning), but I'm sure it will be worth waiting for my traditional mother's day breakfast in bed.

I just don't like being stuck in my bedroom while I wait. I have grading to finish, but I'm spending time online instead, why not?

This mother's day I wanted to link to two very important blog posts, "Open Letters to pastors on Mother's day" (they focus on pastors and what happens in churches on Mother's Day, but these posts are insightful for anyone).The first letter is from two years ago: "A Non-Mom Speaks about Mother's Day" and this year's is here: "Beyond the Surface of Mothering."

Mother's day is one more of those tricky holidays in which lots of people, women and men, feel sad and hurt. Many women wanted to be mothers, but it never happened to them, some women lost babies, others gave them up for adoption. And many people, women and men, have lost their mothers and grieve on this day. So it's a day to exercise sensitivity towards everyone. That's why Amy Young felt compelled to write these posts, the first of which went viral, according to what she writes in the most recent one. I think I'll forward the posts to my pastors! ;-)

OK, I think they're outside the door! I'll share photos later. :)

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