Saturday, November 30, 2013

To-Do List

OK, so it'll be very useful if I make a to-do list to help me with the crazy next two weeks:
I will probably edit it later, and try to cross-out items
Trip related:
- Buy extra suitcases, and stuff that people asked me to take to Brazil;
- buy items needed for trip;
- Pack luggage;
- plan trip to airport (where to leave car); 

Teaching related:
- order books for next semester's lit class online in Brazil
- finish elaborating final exams
- administer and grade last tests and exams
- administer oral exams & final and grade them
- enter final grades

House related:
- arrange with people to take care of cats while we're gone;

Same old, same old. Travel is so extremely stressful! I think the stress is proportionate to the fun we're going to have on the trip, unfortunately! :-(

I'll keep you posted of our progress!

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