Thursday, September 13, 2012

On Smart Women & Hugs from real (girl) friends (Linky Love!!)

Two posts inspired me today, so much so that I feel compelled to send some link-love their way! (cheesy, I know, but we all need some cheesiness once in a while and I sent some cheesiness my students' way today by way of a song ;)

[oh, and I've written another disgruntled post earlier, in case you missed it]

On smart women:

Laura (Apt 11D) wrote this evocative and thought-provoking post titled The Rise of Smart Women, inspired by her "aunt" Theresa who died recently. It is good to know that smart women have many more option beyond becoming a teacher (and an old maid) nowadays!

On hanging out with real lady-friends:

I haven't linked to Rebecca Wolf here yet, but I have fallen head over heels for her blog Girl's Gone Child in the past year. I hope I can read more of her archives because her writing is just so wonderful and raw and heart-felt! I hope someday I'll find the time to link to her posts more often.

and... what I love love love the most about her blog is the abundance of photos everywhere!! That's how I would ideally blog...  countless photos on every post.

Why don't I do it?? I really don't know why not, but I think it has something to do with the fact that I'm afraid I won't have time to write the countless words that crowd my brain and get distracted curating the images and...

...on a deeper level, I think I'm afraid to just be seen as a "superficial" blogger. Photos make me, oh, sooooo happy, but sometimes I suppose that because I feel guilty to be wasting my time with blogging and can't spend even more time fiddling with my beloved photos, so I self-sabotage my happiness and don't do it. I'm trying to be more discipline and not to let my heart have free rein over my blog, so that's basically it.

OK, Rebecca's post is about getting lost and finding oneself again (if you don't read her blog: she had twin girls a year ago tomorrow and she already had two kids, so she has four now). Her post spoke to me because as much as I adore my teeny tiny blogging community/readership and as much as it changed my life (really!! can't believe I wrote that SIX years ago!), I need to make an effort to spend real time with the few women friends in my life. In that respect it's been great to be commuting to another town and staying at a (girl) friend's house and making more woman friends.

Hey, Jen, I'm looking forward to our Thursday nights! ;) it won't be much, but something. We'll toast with froyo. ;)

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