Saturday, September 15, 2012

I had great plans...

... for catching up on blogging tonight, but it obviously didn't happen.

I laid down with my youngest son for a bit and fell asleep for hours, waking up in a haze, my arms really cold, climbing down from the loft bed and covering my oldest who is sleeping shirtless lately and was getting cold.

Came to the computer and spend sometime reading blogs, only to find out, through Laura (Apt 11D) that some crazy things have happened in academia this past week that have a lot to do with me and which I totally missed. Thanks, Laura!!

1. Professor breastfeeds in class (while lecturing) and takes a lot of flack for it. I dimly recall reading that Jo(e) did that a few times. I never did -- I had my four month old in summer class -(3 hours long) only a couple of times when I was showing films. I held him on a Baby Bjorn, that was it. And I wasn't a "professor," only a teaching assistant teaching my own class.

2. Colorado state posted a job ad that discriminated against adjuncts. UGH!!!! Scary stuff. I haven't had time to follow up on it, but it seems that the MLA will disapprove the ad (scroll down to the end of the post) -- really??? WOW!

OK, tons of other things happened this week -- 9/11's 11th anniversary and horrible shootings in Libya, followed by violence against American and foreign embassies. Always sobering. And the fed trying to help out the economy. yeah... whatever.

So... I still have tons I need to blog about (mostly fluff) and can't just yet. Before I forget, let me just quickly say it that it's soccer season and the boys & I are lovin' it. really!

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