Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My New Toy or... Why iKelvin is on iCloud 9

I bought the "toy"on 8/21 (the day we got back from Brazil), I started writing the post on 9/01 and only today I'm getting to finish it. Sigh... busy much? :)
Here are the photos: 

As you may (or may not) know, my son is an "Apple fanatic." In fact, he's been one for three years or more, since he was six or even. We did not have any apple computers in the house, though (only some older ipods, ipod touches and the boy's cracked ipad). So this was a momentous purchase for my eldest son. Of course he doesn't get to use it much because I take it to work, but he's still happy.

I joke that I'm not yet truly "converted," but I think it's going to be a process, not a one time "transformational event." ;)  There are plenty of things I still haven't gotten used to and maybe I never will. Meanwhile, I'll be happy to be "bi-lingual" in my computer usage too.

What pushed me into finally deciding to get a MacBookPro (not the newer retina display, still too expensive) is that we'd decided to get iphones (mine arrived in the mail yesterday, we're still waiting for K's). We'll see how things will go.

Have you switched from a PC to a Mac? How was the transition? Please let me know!


Anjali said...

That's what converts most people, Lilian! The iPhone! Once you use it you'll never go back...

MemeGRL said...

We got the iPhones because of our Mac. I bought ours in 2008 after getting too many viruses and things I couldn't understand how to fix on my Dell. The conversion takes a little while but overall I like the Mac SO much better. (It still needs backing up though! Get a good external hard drive!)