Monday, September 10, 2012

And... just like that, summer's gone! :(

just like that

Last week it was nearly 100% humid, muggy and hot. Friday the rain was gone and it was a bit drier, but still positively hot.

Now that is all gone and replaced by gorgeous crisp air and blue skies. Sun's still pretty hot, but summer is gone for sure. :(

Of course it is beautiful and it feels so much better, not to mention that now and I can go back to pretending that I have straight hair without the embarrassing effects of humidity on my unruly bob. ;)

My apologies for the lack of updates. Last week I was still fine-tuning and writing syllabi -- I finished writing the last one (for a class I'm teaching for the very first time) at 4 am on Friday morning, just to get up and leave at 8 am and come back home exhausted at 7 pm. And... of course driving back and forth!

And now, ha! Guess what? I'm up to my neck in grading and will be, with ups and downs, until the end of the semester. choppy roller-coaster ride.

I'm still very happy and everything is going well, but all that driving will require that I do my best I quit my favorite addiction: staying up late every night. I really need to get more sleep if I want to remain a caffeine-free person and still drive long distances.... oh well! Something's gotta give! (as you'd say here in America). Good thing that next semester my first class is at 11 am!! YAY!!! More later, hopefully. Is there anything you'd like to know?

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Anonymous said...

I am so happy I can go outside again! And that 500 utilities bill we just got... hopefully that'll be the last of those until next summer.