Thursday, September 20, 2012


If I hadn't had the fairly strict religious upbringing that I had...
(and which, BTW, I'm perfectly happy & fine with, not to mention thankful for. It didn't prevent me from becoming an open-minded person, an academic, etc.)
... I would probably be one of those "bohemian types." ;)

and would hang out with poets and musicians and like-minded thinkers and artists and stay up all night talking about literature and art, listening to and making music, etc.

yeah... of course I can still do some of that even now, but it's not the "way of life" it could have been if I didn't have a more conventional life, a family, etc.

and that is fine too.

But once in a while, a more "bohemian" night is pretty cool! ;)

P.S. I had an awesome yoga class tonight (more like hatha) and it was for FREEEE!!! My friend and I are going every single Wednesday!

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