Saturday, September 01, 2012

Artificially Blond(ish)

This is a "hair" post. 
If you read me earlier this year, back in this January post, 
you'll know that I've got tons of  "hair issues." ;-)

I have mixed feelings about it, but I caved in got highlights again in Brazil (2 different tones).Take a look:

But now I'm having second thoughts & thinking that it's so artificial and whatnot and that I shouldn't have done it and should have remained a brunette (these are the photos of my haircut back in March that I never got around to showing you):
 One thing is certain (IMO), the highlights look best when I wear my hair blown straight and not naturally curly like below (though with the bathroom lighting, my hair-color does look OK with the curls + 7 months old highlights in this April 2011 photo):
 Unkempt Curls -- it could be worse, believe me!
 Tamed to be more photogenic:
(I took these photos to register the hair & got to show the glasses too -- remember that I was forced to wear glasses for nearly a year because of this, I couldn't me more thrilled with my lasik surgery!! :)

Oh, and BTW, my new haircut? (from the top 2 photos above) It looks positively AWFUL with curls. :( I'm not kidding! The longer tips at the front just don't go with curly!

Anyway, unlike in past years, I'm planning to redo the hightlights on a regular basis with our hairdresser from church (the one who lost her son, a senior in high school, to a motorcycle accident a month before graduation) and not let my hair grow for two years without redoing the coloring.

It's a bit sad, however, to think that with my two latest haircuts (first on my birthday in July last year, then twice earlier this year) I had gotten rid of all old color in the tips and the hair was uniformly brown. Hmmm... well, with a few white ones here & there (nothing that required the highlights to hide, so that was not my point in getting them... it's that silly childhood with to be blonde surfacing from my unconscious, ha ha ha).

One thing is very true: I never liked myself with glasses and now I don't like to see myself with curly hair. Maybe it's sad, but I think it's ok. I'm not chemically straightening my hair, just "physically" doing so with the blow drier (maybe 'cause my husband is in the latter science, not the former, there you go! ) ;)