Thursday, September 13, 2012

Beyond Exhausted and... shouldn't be blogging because forearm/wrist hurt :(

I think that over the summer, when I wasn't using a mouse that often, particularly during the weeks I used my MIL's macbook pro's trackpad (different from the trackpad in a pc laptop) -- I developed some kind of tendinitis or elbow/forearm/wrist condition (something such as lateral epicondylitis, radial tunnel syndrome or some kind of repetitive strain/stress injury [RSI] -- BLAH!).

The worst part is that blow-drying my hair three times a week makes the pain much worse (this happened last night) and I simply do not want to go back to curly right now!! :(

That is the least of my worries, obviously, since I use my wrist and arm CONSTANTLY because I'm on the computer all the time writing handouts and emails, etc.

So... yeah, I shouldn't even be writing this post, but I am...

I was reading some on RSI and I feel frustrated that I was literally FORCED to stop using a desktop (my preferred computer to use at home) after we moved to Virginia -- first, the desktop was in the upstairs bedroom in our small townhome and then... the office in our new house does NOT have a phone outlet where we can plug the DLS so our old laptop can't go online!

OK, this was a huge tangent... I just wanted to write that I'm really exhausted and that the commute is getting to me. I think I'm going to start asking for friends to watch the boys one more day at least twice a month on Mondays so I can stay overnight twice a week every other week... Sigh.

I knew it was going to be hard, but three weeks in I'm already DYING and there are eleven more weeks, ELEVEN!!

The work makes me happy, though. But it is a HUGE amount of grading. Teaching is a crazy job because it involves so much work at home and everywhere outside of the classroom...

I'll stop now because this is a really scattered post, just like my head right now. :(

P.S. also because it is really annoying to feel pain, even if it's really mild pain. It's worrisome.

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Anjali said...

Oh my goodness, Lilian. I'm so sorry you are so tired. How long is the commute exactly?

You WILL get used to it and not be so tired. New routines are so hard!