Friday, August 10, 2012

too intense for words

this is the most overwhelmingly intense trip I've had to Brazil in 16 years... (insert exhausted sigh here).

We're doing OK (K got better while I was away with my parents last weekend), but I'm more than a little stressed out about what awaits me when I get back home. A meeting on the very day I get back (about the study abroad), orientation at new job the next day and a departmental meeting the following day (not to mention getting ready to teach in only a few days).

Meanwhile I'm here stressed out about the whole study abroad thing and the distance teaching thing. I know I just need to relax brace myself and face everything. Sigh...

OK, but back to now... in addition to the bad internet access that prevents me from writing, the experiences are so intense that they make it hard for me to post.

From a day-long road-block protest by homeless people on the road we were traveling on and which altered our travel plans for the day.... a visit to the eerie and oh, so sad, site of this abandoned boarding academy where many people in the family went to school (the place where my in-laws met, where my aunt, uncle and dearest cousins lived back in the 70s and where K went to school for one year)...

... to beautiful beaches and schools of fish on a coral reef.

Not to mention the horrible and stressful highways and historic places visited last weekend.

I want to share some photos, but I'll write other posts for that. Let's hope the 3G network by "Vivo" works!

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Anjali said...

I didn't realize that you decided on the new job! Congratulations! Can't wait to hear about it.