Wednesday, August 01, 2012

I need A LOT of patience right now, folks...

This is one of those posts I shouldn't be writing and I know it.

It involves next of kin. As far as I know only two people in this category read this blog and I'm sure they'll fully understand (hi A & K!). In any case here it goes, I shouldn't be writing but I am.

There are some aggravating factors to the situation... K is really sick right now, poor thing, he caught the d--mn virus from me. He only got up from bed to eat dinner and play some games with the boys because the ibuprofen finally kicked in after nearly two hours and lowered his 102.2 fever. I know the fever will come back in the middle of the night and I'm already planning on how to deal with it -- I'm pondering whether to hit it with ibuprofen again or alternate with acetaminophen. I might do the former. Oh, and I'm still not feeling that great (coughing a lot) and I'm deadly afraid of making both of my poor parents & my youngest son sick, which would be really unfortunate! (I forgot to share that my oldest was mildly sick over the weekend, with a low fever).

OK, the three main problems we're facing in NE town in addition to the above: no internet, only my MIL's hotspot which I won't want to/can't hog & will probably use only at night if she'd not using it; we don't know if the TV (cable, 'cause it's digital HD) is working and I only started watching the Olympics yesterday, but I love it and want to try to watch at least some of it (though certain things one can only watch live online and -- ha!/ :( -- no internets?!); no car. I mean, FIL can use his brother's car until the 9th, but that doesn't help much considering that we are 8 altogether. More about the car trouble below. The last problem is that our hosts are exhausted after 2 weeks in the Middle East and we all seem kind of lost right now. I'm hoping that I'm worrying for nothing because it's just our first night here, but I'm sad to admit that I'm not very optimistic.

Add to all that the fact that I feel pressured and stressed about my DUTY to be working here to organize the study abroad... I feel like it would be easier with internet, but, whatever. I also wish K were feeling better so I could just go visit the language school tomorrow while he took the boys to the beach.

oh, why is the car a problem? Because the beach three blocks from the apartment is in the middle of the city and not very clean (e.g. my mom thinks the boys shouldn't play in the sand in it) and in order to go to gorgeous beaches we need to travel some.

there's a fourth problem which is a frequent one for us (the first time was Dec. 2006 when we spent 10 days at the beach after my youngest BIL's wedding and it was tough!! because there were 12 of us!): no domestic help available as the hosts had planned/expected. I don't really mind, but... I'm really laid back about food and cooking and cleaning, but I know they're not.

OK, I think this is enough and I hope to soon come back and report that things are going great and... my greatest wish! ... share photos of beautiful green sea that I can't wait to see (horrible horrible pun!).

P.S. I have some funding from my grant to travel so I can plan side trips for next year and K thought it would be best to do these trips right away (my parents, K & I would go and leave the boys with the other grandparents), but now he's sick and we didn't contact a friend in whose house we were hoping to stay... so... I hope these travel plans get sorted out soon so I can be more relieved and calmer. And I'm definitely going to the language school tomorrow. Wish me/us luck!!

PS2 I have a plan, I will try to post some photos to "displace" this sensitive/whiny post soon!

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