Monday, August 20, 2012

2012 Brazil Trip Math

To be updated as I remember more stuff, just for my own reference

  • 2.5 years since our last trip to Brazil
  • 48 days away from home (boys & I) - a lot, but our average stay
  • 14 days spent at my parents' house (very little compared to previous visits)
  • 25 days away from home (K)
  • 6 days spent at my parents' house (K)
  • 7 Brazilian states my parents & I drove through/visited
  • 5 Brazilian state capitals visited
  • 7 flights taken by the boys & I 
  • 2 teeth lost by youngest son
  • 11 mosquito bites on my left calf/leg (and a few more on the right) [probably from Friday night]
  • 7 suitcases full of stuff taken back home (close to 70 lbs each -- Brazilian travelers get a higher allowance as required by Brazil's laws)
  • 16 years since K had last had a meaningful conversation with our dear friend C
  • 8 hours he/we spent talking to her nonstop
  • 111.33 lbs (50.5) my weight at the end of the trip, the most I've ever weighed in my entire life while not-pregnant (please don't get mad at me, I've always been way underweight, weighing from 92-97 lbs most of my life.

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