Monday, August 20, 2012


My son will read this post tomorrow and I will edit or delete it depending on his feedback, since he has full control over the stories I post about him. Let's hope he's OK with it. ;)

It was nearly impossible to document my youngest son's first and second tooth losses (his bottom middle teeth) because he would refuse to have his "windowy" smile photographed. This changed with the way more visible top teeth, mostly because we took thousands of photos during this trip and because it's nearly impossible to avoid showing his "big window."

There is a funny story about the way one of the teeth fell during our trip which I hope my son will allow me to permanently share here.

One evening the boys were having dinner at my in-laws' house with my father-in-law's twin brother, his wife and daughter Carol. I had to leave to go have a haircut and when I came back Carol, who was sitting right next to L, had this hilarious tale to tell.

They were eating pizza when suddenly, L very discretely and matter-of-factly turned to Carol and said: "I think I just swallowed my tooth!" (he also quietly shared this news with his brother who was sitting on his other side). Then, L touched his gum with his finger and wondered, "Hmm... is it bleeding?" "Nah..." he concluded, "it's just the tomato sauce!"  And he kept on eating the pizza. : D
At the wedding the next day.

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Tallulah@Bilingual Babes said...

Lol, what a gorgeous smile! I hope he is happy to share his hilarious tooth tale with the world :-)