Thursday, August 30, 2012


I just wish, I really do, that I could blog more. Other than that (and of course little things of life that go wrong but which are meaningless in the grand scheme of things like the laundry list of the previous email)... I couldn't be happier.

Seriously. Yesterday and today I haven't been as blissfully, walking on clouds happy as I was on my very first day of teaching (Tuesday). And that day was crazy in that I had tons of technology challenges in class and out. I spent almost 2 hours until I finally figured out how to access my email and was finally able to drive the 70 miles home.

I can't really explain what it felt like after I taught my "teleteaching" class and it went just fine and then I had to do my 10 minute walk to the building where I teach my other classes... It's a beautiful campus. Certain parts of the landscaping/gardening remind me of Longwood Gardens, seriously!

I had been so anxious about the long-distance, technology-mediated class, but it's fine! It really is!

And then I went on to teach my live, flesh & blood students and it was just soooo great!! Everything went wrong with technology in the class, but I still managed to pull out a pretty good first class.

The truth is I enjoy teaching and I think that language teaching fits ADHD-me just fine. Maybe someday I'll be centered enough to teach literature and culture in a way that won't make me feel like I suck 100%, but language? (which is so easy and which basically anyone can teach, no degree needed, only being a native speaker of a language -- something that is seriously frustrating if you think of spending 10 years to get a phd in something I'm extremely passionate about and then teaching what? Language?) Anyway... yeah, I think I'm good at it and I can feel happy and fulfilled doing it.

There are other important elements that make me happy and I'll try to blog about some of them separately. Having "benefits" helps a lot psychologically too. It reassures me that my work is valued, even though I'm not paid that much.

I want to try and write a series of "catching up" posts in the next few days. Then I'll write a post to "wrap it up" at the end.

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