Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Because I have two syllabi to write...

... I obviously need to blog instead. :)

I mean, really need to share with you lots of things that have been happening in this CRAZY week since we returned from Brazil.

There's a backlog of posts that I want/have to write no matter what, so I want to get started with this one. Just for you to have an idea of the craziness since we arrived at the airport and were picked up by my husband...

... we went straight to two grocery stores a Korean one & Trader Joe's (remember -- we had SEVEN suitcases piled up in the back of the minivan);

... I spent 35 minutes at home hugging my cats like crazy and beholding the WRECK that 3 weeks away with no lawn mowing will do to your lawn (it becomes an unkempt mess -- never again!), while K started mowing, I went to the university for a useless meeting (study abroad) and then I stopped at Costco & Target;

... Next morning I headed to new university to catch the last day of orientation (the mandatory part, YAY!), go to a reception & dinner (while missing my kids' first day of school). I stayed overnight at my friends' and went to another meeting the next day, got my ID and had to come back home without my parking permit.

.... Friday I was so tired I had to nap in the middle of the day, on Saturday I had to go help out the lady who's replacing me at the university (out of the goodness of my heart, but this is something Brazilians will do for one another, it's just a natural thing).

.... Sunday was the kids' school picnic and while K & I needed desperately to stay home and work on our syllabus we took turns staying at the school for a couple hours each.

.... Monday I'll have to blog about later, but I went to new university & stayed overnight. I came back Tuesday night & Here I am, early  morning Wednesday... needing sleep and writing syllabi, but... lo and behold, blogging... :)

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