Sunday, August 12, 2012

Nerve-Racking/ Dramatic Men's Volleyball

Yesterday Brazil's women volleyball team beat the U.S. in an incredible come-back to win the gold medal (I wanted to blog about that, but couldn't find the photo I wanted, maybe I still will), but this morning the Brazilian men are having a hard time beating Russia.

There were two match points in the third set and they almost got it, but Russia went on to win the 3rd set and might win the 4th so they go to a tie-break set. Sigh...

I'm not too confident that Brazil can make it and it's just too nerve-racking for me to watch. Sigh again.

Maybe a miracle will happen and they will beat the Russians in the 4th set now, but I'm not counting on it!

Updated to add: it's going to the 5th tie-break set. I don't think Brazil will win. If they do, 
great... GO BRAZIL!!!

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