Thursday, August 02, 2012


I shouldn't have been whiny last night, since this morning we woke up to three different channels of the Olympics in HD & a lady who was being interviewed and who's coming back tomorrow to help around the house for two weeks.

As for "the Internets," I think I'm ok with being online for a limited time each day.

I'm sure we'll figure something out regarding the car & travel situation, K is slowly getting better (and we're keeping his fever under control).

Now... if only the sun would shine! ;)

(it's rainy season here in Maceió, so we can't complain about that).

I'm going for a walk with my mom and I will take my camera, OK?

P.S. I already visited the language school and I think everything will work out very smoothly for my study abroad next year. I couldn't be happier!!

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Tallulah@Bilingual Babes said...

Hooray! Glad things have improved so quickly for you :-) Looking forward to those pics...