Wednesday, April 06, 2011

My Turn, or... Mamas Cannot Get Sick

Well, guess what? I have the sore throat that the boys had last week. Thankfully I don't have the fever, but I feel chilly and sleepy. As soon as we walked in the door from school I fed the boys a snack of bread & margarine and took to my bed, begging them to do their homework, practice their piano, and... most importantly, keep quiet and stop fighting & screaming at each other!

It's 6:22 pm and I'm glad to report that their homework is done & they practiced piano, but... do you think I got to take a nap? Think again. Linton needed lots of help, first with piano theory, technique and the lesson book, then with two pages of homework. Before he got started I did get to relax for about 20 minutes (even with Linton coming and examining me with his doctor play-kit), but that was it.

I have a headache, an earache, but I'm not so sleepy anymore. Worst part? I need to think of something to prepare for dinner and K has a honors dinner at the university tonight. I think I'm just going to bake a frozen pizza, but I'll try to take a short nap first. If the boys -- who are playing the Wii -- quit fighting (sigh). Well, at least, as I wished last week, my three boys are all well now.

P.S. Of course I have to teach tomorrow and attend a departmental conference as well as write a research paper to present bright and early on Friday morning. Excellent timing, no?

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