Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Look at what we bought yesterday morning (these, including the ottoman below, which has four drawers):

I think I'm happy with our choice, although I never in my life thought we'd be buying leather furniture (I don't really like it at all, except perhaps when mixed with fabric like that). OK, my son wants to use the computer, so I have to be off. I want to come back and blog more later, though.

Did I tell you that I "killed" my laptop? (not really, but it doesn't do anything, even when turned on, it was after a glitch when I was doing a search online on google chrome). After trying to use K's netbook, I gave up and started using the desktop upstairs. Trouble is, this is also the guest bedroom and we'll have guests this weekend, starting tomorrow. So... not much blogging for me coming up :(


Anjali said...

Leather furniture is the easiest furniture to keep looking brand new. Most everything can be cleaned completely up with a damp cloth. I love leather furniture!

And I LOVE this set.

Fénix said...

Lindo, amei. Muito bom gosto!

Rene said...

I especially love the ottoman with the drawers. We really need some storage space like that.