Monday, December 07, 2009

Finally! Airport Blogging!

I've often wanted to blog at the airport, particularly on those rare times (three to be exact) I traveled alone since I became a mother. I often turn a bit introspective at the airport, this place that's the epitome of my life's "in-betweeness." (And here I want to lead you to this superbly beautiful post by Dinka about airport meetings and goodbyes -- I think it's better than the opeining and closing of Love Actually [airport arrival meetings, for those who didn't watch the movie] -- "Born in Different Time Zones").

Today I haven't had much chance for introspection, though, since the boys are getting older and more active and verbal. The five year old wouldn't stop talking on the short flight between Philly and D.C., and I almost wanted to ask him to please be quiet... I got them to do some school work and now they're playing with the pay phones in front of our seats.

Bad news: the flight has been delayed for an hour (from 9:50 to 10:45), so my hopes of the boys being able to have dinner (it never happens on these late flights, I feel for them, they love eating in the airplane) have neaerly vanished. :-( Well, they just announced that it might be boarding a little earlier and be able to leave around 10:15 -- I hope it works out!

Because of my "bad motherhood" (i.e. often putting them to bed late), they will probably be able to bear it all pretty well. They're great travelers and LOVE to fly in airplanes (as you may recall from this post). That's no surprise, because they are veteran travelers - Linton's first flight was at six days old!

In any case, waiting for six hours to travel is quite taxing, but so far so good.

I was surprised to realize that in the end it was the most relaxing (considering the circumstances) pre-trip morning I've ever had. I think the secret to calm airport trip is the scheduling of other things to coincide with the trip that force you to go very early to the airport. Yesterday, for example, yesterday, we left my MIL 4 hours before her flight at the aiport because we wanted to go to the Guggenheim. Today, K had to teach, so he dropped us off around 3 hours before our flight. I can't not having time to spare when we leave to the airport late, it's very nerve-racking. I wish we could be on time or early more often. Sigh.

OK, now we're going to get a hot chocolate at the Starbucks right next to our seats and start getting ready for our nine-hour long flight. The boys have window seats and I hope Kelvin doesn't mind going in front of me (not seated with me).

I'll see you again in Brazil now! I'm excited about the trip, it's always fun.

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Rene said...

Hope everything went well. See you soon!