Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sunburned and Doing Laundry

Well, the laundry part is not 100% precise because my mom's washing machine is 35 years old and she's the only one allowed to run it. I can still pre-treat, sort, and hang the loads on the clothesline, though. :-)

We've just arrived from two days (three nights) at this awesome thermal water park and my shoulders are very sunburned, in spite of the sunblock I used at all times. I guess that the hot water pools and standing in the sun watching the boys go down the slides again and again did it. I hope to post photos soon!

Tomorrow we go to São Paulo (city) where we'll spend New Year's eve with K's parents and three brothers (plus my three nephews). "K3" and his wife will be running the 15 Km (9.3 miles) 85th São Silvestre race tomorrow and we'll be assembled watching on TV and baby-sitting my nephew.

On Friday we return to my parents' home (two hours from São Paulo city). Then, on Sunday we travel over 400 miles to another thermal resort town, Caldas Novas, this time for a family reunion of sorts on the week of K's cousin's wedding. Sigh. I just hope I don't get sunburned again!

P.S. Next week is a regular school week for my cyber-schooled sons, but we won't be doing any work, just going to the cyber cafe (they call them "Lan house" here) to log in daily. I don't want to think of the accumulated work that I'll have to deal with when we come back. Sigh. Everything has already been posted online, but it'll be hard to get the boys to work on the next few days.

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