Sunday, December 06, 2009

Planning Airport "Stay"

I want to write two other posts before I travel, but I have no idea whether I'll get to them or not, what with all the packing and making sure I'm not forgetting anything, etc. I think it's very nerve-racking to travel, particularly long international travel for so many days away (40 in our case).

Tomorrow the boys and I will probably be gone from our house for over ten hours, perhaps close to twelve, when we're finally airborne and actually traveling to Brazil. Because K has to be teaching two hours before our flight leaves the Philly airport, he'll have to drop us off three hours earlier or more at the airport (yawn!). Then, our layover in Dulles International will be over six hours long! To make things worst, Dulles is one of the airports I like the least (and it's not only because I once had to spend the night on its main terminal floor, back in 2000 when we were coming from a trip to Europe and because I once was horribly sick with a stomach flu before a trip), but perhaps the shuttle trains will be ready by now and it'll be better, because those huge shuttle-trucks are/were pathetic! Yeah the long layover comes courtesy of traveling with multiple award travel tickets -- they put you in random flights.

In any case, I'm browsing the airport map and the eateries and I'm planning to pay for wi-fi so we can cyber schooling. We'll have to get a table somewhere and just claim it for ourselves for several hours, or maybe we'll just have to use the uncomfortable waiting room chairs.

In any case, I do intend to blog from the airport tomorrow for the very first time ever (I've never bought wi-fi at airports before). At least I hope so, if my sons let me touch the computer! :-) Well, I hope to come back with more posts before I go to bed. Wish me luck with the packing.

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