Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Catching up: Brazil so far

The mosquitoes are "killing" my eldest son who has over 30 bites all over his body. We're sleeping with an electric mosquito repeller plugged in every bedroom, but they still manage to attack us. After a few cooler days (it can get pretty chilly in the middle of summer in the Southern/Southeastern part of Brazil) it's now very hot. Thankfully there are summer storms to bring the temperature down every few days.

Recent Arrival:
After more than 48h K (11h of which were spent in Mexico City in transit) K finally arrrived here last night. The boys were ecstatic to have daddy around again and me too, obviously. :-)

Solo Trip to Curitiba:
The trip itself was absolutely wonderful. I got to spend some quality time with my cousin who is like a brother to me and get to meet his gorgeous daughter and get to know his wife better.

Now, the problem with this trip was the somber tone it had because of a horrible accident that happened on Saturday in which a young man who was an acquaintance of several of my family members -- a recent medical school/residency graduate -- lost his life when his car was run over by a fuel truck. His widow (they'd gotten married only two months ago!) was spared, but left badly burned and with a mother on the brink of death (the young woman's mom was in the car with them and reportedly got out first and pulled her daughter out of the car). I went with my cousin (and several other aunts and uncles) to his wake and I was really upset when I found out the next day that my sister-in-law (the one who is newly pregnant) was devastated and feeling very sick because she was a childhood friend of the young man who died. What a tragedy!

It's been grueling hard to keep on going with the hot weather and the boys' obsession with riding bikes around my parents' house and on the street. (This obsession it comes and goes at our house, it can go on for a month or so then wanes, I guess by the time we return, they'll be tired of it). The problem is that here there are many more distractions and Kelvin just finds tons of excuses not to work. K's arrival has helped some and we may be able to get all work done tomorrow with Kelvin (Linton's basically done, but then again Kindergarten is way easier than 2nd grade). My parents have felt my pain and they think I shouldn't be doing this, but I do enjoy it, in spite of everything. It's complicated, maybe sometime I'll blog more about it.

Upcoming Trips:
On Sunday we're leaving for this hot water resort/water park. It's been very hot here (in the 90s), but my BIL and his wife have assured us that in spite of that we'll be able to enjoy the resort. I surely hope so, and I won't mind if it rains and gets cooler.

Reason for not blogging more:
It's very complicated and it's ridiculous to write only a couple of sentences about it, but I haven't been blogging more because let's just say that blogging is looked upon very disapprovingly by my parents. Sigh. Dangerous subject, so, enough said.

That notwithstanding, there'll be more tomorrow, though!


Rene said...

Thanks for the update. Looking forward to seeing you guys again next week.

Lucy C said...

quem foi, Lilian??? alguem que eu conheco? me mande noticias por email rapidinho, agora fiquei triste e preocupada.

Lucy C said...

nevermind. achei a noticia online que tragedia!