Friday, December 11, 2009

Quick Update from Brazil

We arrived well last Tuesday, in spite of the heavy rain that was falling and which made the landing quite turbulent. We didn't know that several of São Paulo's roads were under water (there are two rivers the surround the city) and that the situation was very chaotic. They almost didn't get us our luggage, which got on the container to be sent on to Rio, since the flight continued on (they apologized and blamed the lack of personell due to the flooding). My parents waited for us for over two hours outside of the gate and customs.

When we finally got out, we learned that my parents and uncle were there only because my uncle (who came to pick us up too because in Brazil most cars are tiny and wouldn't fit our luggage, so we need two cars to get us at the airport) had checked the news when he was having breakfast at a bakery in his town and called my parents. Then they took an alternate way to the airport and got there safely and on time, they just had to wait for us a long time.

The weather here has been a bit on the "chillier" side (60s at times and mid-70s) for this time of the year because it's been raining a lot and it's been windy. We're driving down to the beach today and I hope we don't get rained it all weekend!

The boys and I have been overwhelmingly busy with cyber school work, that's why I didn't post earlier (and shouldn't even be posting now). That's not a lot of fun because we don't get to relax and enjoy being here as much, but at least we're here.

I'll try to write more next week, OK? I want to share some photos, obviously. :-)

P.S. and here it's 10 am, not 7.

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