Sunday, November 09, 2014

The Berlin Wall

I don't really have any personal experience with the Fall of the Berlin Wall. I'm sure I watched the news, but I wasn't really aware of the significance of it. I was a senior in high-school, starting my last month of classes (the school year ends in early December in Brazil).

I know that three of my husbands' second (actually third) cousins lived in (West) Germany, and although they were much younger than us (around 9, 11 and 13), they certainly felt the effect of the reunification of Germany very keenly. I hope to be able to talk to them about this someday!

Meanwhile, I'd like to share the Google Doodle video for today. I visited Berlin in 2000 and it was pretty fascinating to see what a construction site it was (even though 11 years had already passed) and the differences between the two sides of the city.

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