Saturday, November 08, 2014

Perfect Autumn Leaves (and Sky!)

I'd originally written Perfect Autumn Photos for a title, but obviously these aren't perfect, I do have a good camera and great zoom lens, but I'm not a "real" photographer by any stretch of the imagination. The leaves and the gorgeous day are/were perfect!

I wish I was more savvy and could fiddle with the template of the blog to make these photos appear really big, but no, I'm not, so that's it (I did make the vertical photos bigger* because they will fit in the template). These haven't been edited in any way (I'm too lazy & I'm also not using the Mac most of the time now). I took them two weeks ago while my sons were having piano lesson make-ups on Sunday morning at a local university.

*The photo rotation in the first and next to last photos are courtesy of Blogger. How does it know what's supposed to be the right side up? ;-)
I totally wish I'd taken many more photos and made sure they were all focused right. I always have this feeling that "I'm taking too many photos already, I should stop!" But later I realize that I did not in fact take enough photos. Sigh...

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Heidi said...

They're beautiful! Autumn's version of all the flowers we like to photograph in spring. :)