Tuesday, November 04, 2014

111: Should I try it?

If I write 111 more posts I can post more than last year, but what for?

I mean, blogging is becoming nearly obsolete. At least this kind of blogging: personal, with few readers, not "branded" and not professional.

I know I blog for me and except for the depressing year of 2009, I have always blogged more than the year before -- it was pretty much my only goal in the blog.

Maybe I should pick another number instead of aiming for 249 posts in 2014. I know I can totally pull off writing 111 posts between now and December, but I should have a better goal or aim at a "funner" number, like 177? ;-) That would require only 39 posts between now and the end of the year, but that's too little for blabbermouth me!

OK, so maybe I'll have no goal. However many posts I get to write is fine. But, wait! Maybe I'll stop at 214? That would be cute -- 214 posts in 2014! 64 more to go then. I'll try!

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