Friday, November 28, 2014

Opening Day Skiing (me)/ Snowboarding (them)

This year we bought a 7-time ski pass through the elementary school and the boys insisted we use it on the very first day! It was fun, I must say! I hate falling & make sure I never fall (which makes for very tense skiing), but I fell twice and was perfectly ok with it -- big "victory" for me! 

Oh. And I went on half of a Blue slope for the very first time ever! (and I did NOT fall!) I went only once because the adrenaline surge was a bit too much. ;-) here are the boys snowboarding:
I can't believe that Kelvin (wearing lime green+black) went on a black diamond slope. And I think he didn't really fall! Wow!
P.S. My husband snowboarded too, but he didn't dare going on the blue. My 10 year old went multiple times (alone), but he had some big falls. Brave kid!

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