Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Bunch of Links...

... most are a few weeks or over a month old, but I've had these tabs open in my browser for that long, so I want to save them somewhere.

"Rehearsing for Death" -- A moving reflection of a teacher in TWP about having to practice lockdowns and death scenarios with her students. A sad, but real consequence of the Sandy Hook shooting.

"The Case of the Vanishing Woman," an interview with Ayelet Waldman (at I didn't really know it, but I'm sure it's true, the invisibility is starting for me too at 40, and by 50, I'll be fully invisible. :-(

"The $9 Billion Witness." A RS article about Alayne Fleishmann, "JPMorgan's Worst Nightmare." I was struck by the people in the the comment section who were defending JP Morgan's reputation as a company. Sigh...

Wondering if I'm a Highly Sensitive Person (HufPo, I don't like them very much, but the article struck a cord). I scored 16 in this test (good semi-academic site) and above 14 you're considered highly sensitive, so maybe I am.

My pre-teens already have some acne. I am wondering what to do and whether it's too early to use acne products such as "Proactiv." In an internet board a parent said the Proactive doesn't really work and that the prescription "Epiduo" was better. I don't know if it is or whether their pediatrician would prescribe such a thing. I'm almost ordering the first one to see if it helps prevent the small outbreaks they're having.

After we watched The Great Gatsby last week my husband remarked that it was just like Citizen Kane and I thought that was a great comparison! A blogger wrote an interesting post about Gatsby and Kane and their lack of love & emptiness here.

Well, that's it for now! I wish I'd written that yesterday, but it didn't work out! ;-)

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