Friday, November 07, 2014

A few links: Lena Dunhan, Breastmilk & Diva Cup

I hope to have time to come post more later, but if I don't here's a quick linky post!

(update about yesterday: power came back before 10 pm, but I didn't go back online)

My friend Dawn doesn't have a personal blog anymore (and I miss her blog very sorely), but she wrote a great post about Lena Dunham from the perspective of a therapist who works with children and family.

The last two links are borrowed from Laura at Apt .11D, thanks Laura!

I always love to read and find more about breastfeeding and breastmilk, since long-time readers will know that I breastfed for a long time (5 years 5 months) and I'm an ardent "Lactivist." So making this one of my five monthly NYT reads for this months was worth it -- "In a Mother's Milk, Nutrient, and a Message Too."

Last, but not least, I've blogged about the Diva Cup and while this is not a groundbreaking post, it's an interesting account of someone else who likes it. (and, just for fun, you can read a hilarious review from Amazon which I couldn't find there anymore-- though I did read it there -- I found it posted here).

Have a great weekend everyone. It's very cold here!

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