Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Car Update

Well, good thing that the dashboard malfunction is a manufacturer's defect and will be fixed free of charge by Toyota. The car had to stay overnight and my husband is driving a pretty red rental car while I'm stuck with the old Hyundai Accent! ;-)

The other problem the Prius has had is that the headlights suddenly turn off at random occasions. Toyota was going to charge us 480 dollars to replace them, so (after K watched a few YouTube videos with instructions) we bought a pair of lights from Amazon and he will attempt to replace them. Let's hope it'll work!

I'm glad that the problems can be easily solved, but car troubles are always a disruption of the routine and a source of stress... (at least to me, K kept telling me on the phone that these inconveniences are part & parcel of owning cars and that I shouldn't be stressed. Thinking of spending money always stresses me out, though! :-(


What Now? said...

Ugh, I am exactly the same way. Spending money on the car or house is when I want to run away and stop being an adult; I find it one of the most stressful parts of supposedly being "grown up." I hope that your repairs do the trick!

Heidi said...

Well, I guess the husband who rescues us from all the car troubles deserves pretty red rental car, right? :) I'm glad you have a spouse to help you de-stress and save money on cars. I can definitely relate to the stress of cars breaking down...we had TWO major breakdowns/issues the summer we moved. It was crazy!