Saturday, March 31, 2012


My nephew, only 4 months old, is going to undergo surgery in about 6 hours. He has a large abscess in the underarm area, probably a reaction to the BCG vaccine* -- against tuberculosis, a disease which is making a come back in Brazil and because my brother is traveling there at the end of the year, they're vaccinating the baby now.

It shouldn't be serious, since it's just a superficial growth and it hasn't affected deep tissues or the lymph nodes. And we all hope it's not, but my brother and mainly my sister-in-law are devastated.The baby has been so so brave, only whimpering, not crying, and he's had to go for many hours without nursing, which is heart-breaking. Please keep my brother, SIL and the baby in your thoughts and prayer, OK?

* Please, anyone out there reading who is militantly against vaccines, don't come out of the woodwork, or out of cyberspace, right now to berate my family members (or me, I fully vaccinated by boys), OK? I'll simply delete your comment.

P.S. I'm having a wonderful time at the conference, but I'm just so shocked with these news that my mom shared last night all the way from NZ. As we say in Portuguese, "I'm with my heart in my hand" (estou com o coração na mão) thinking of them.


Gabriella said...

Thinking of your family today! Poor little baby, I'm sure he will come out of this just fine!

Be strong!

And don't worry about those vaccine fear mongers, I fully vaccine my kids too, the benefits far outweigh any potential dangers.

kate said...

Hoping that all goes smoothly and well!