Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Health Care Overhaul: Not Looking Good...

I was listening to Talk of the Nation this afternoon and cringing as I heard the Solicitor General trying to defend the Individual Mandate before the Supreme Court.

It's not looking good for President Obama right now... I remember the night I watched the voting of the Health Care Law live and thought how the vote went right along party lines, but fortunately it passed in the end. I'm on pins and needles thinking that maybe the Supreme Court will strike the law down altogether.

I wonder what that means Barak Obama's chances of re-election. And, even most importantly, for millions of un- and under-insured people in this country.

Sigh. There are times in which living in this country is a real challenge for me. The worst part of all, I think is that the "other side" is so irrationally bound to their own beliefs that it is impossible to have a reasonable discussion (giving examples from other countries around the world, for instance) with anyone on that side.

Social Darwinism* is all that comes my to mind when I think of the "right" in this country. Isn't it funny that they're fiercely against Darwin and yet ardently espouse his principles when it comes to social issues? (of course they don't even know that...) sigh again...

* Used here in a general sense of the "survival of the fittest" concept which is surreptitiously present in savage capitalist mentality, not in the historic meaning linked to eugenics. Although, if one looks at the ethnic composition of the lower classes in capitalist societies, one can perhaps conclude that, however denied, the eugenic ideas seems to be "working."  :(


Spanish prof said...

I feel something similar. Since I am married to an American man, I have never thought about returning to Argentina. However, as a left-leaning Argentinean, I've often envied Brazil (in a good way) as an example of rational left-leaning politics that actually improve the country. I've wondered more than once, if I were Brazilian (and not married to an American), whether I would return or not. Of course, this is based more in what I read about Brazil than my real knowledge of the country (I spent a month in Sao Paulo for research purposes a few years ago, and that was the only time I ever was there). But the United States scares me so much lately that I have even started thinking about Argentina.

I know at least two Brazilians (though in the social sciences), that went back to the country after getting their PhD in the United States (to Curitiba and Sao Paulo). Has the idea ever crossed your and/or your husband's mind?

Heather said...

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