Saturday, March 17, 2012

Still Jet Lagged

I just wanted to write another "telegraphic" post... (waitaminute, people don't use the telegraph anymore, so they? do people even know what "telegraphic" mean anymore? Nowadays I think the right adjective would be a "tweet-like" post. How depressing it is to see one's world and vocabulary becoming obsolete... sigh).

In any case... I just wanted to write another "quick post" to let you know that I am still jet lagged. In fact on the first few days I felt fine, maybe because I was working, but yesterday and today that I didn't have to work, I'm feeling so tired... even after sleeping for about 10 hours last night.

There's so much to share and so much to write about, but I'm just exhausted every night. I hope to be able to blog more significantly soon, OK?

P.S. My little cousin, who was a cute flower-girl at my wedding got married this past Thursday in Brazil. I'm really happy for her and sad that I missed the wedding...

I can't believe that I missed posting on my son's 10th birthday! :( I don't know how I can make up for that...

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