Sunday, March 18, 2012

PSA: Dear Wordpress blogging friends...

... I have been unable to post comments to your blogs! I get an error message saying that my email is connected to a wordpress account (even if I use various of my emails, not connected to any wordpress accounts) and that I need to login to do it. I'm sorry about that!

I will try to figure this out, but meanwhile, I really wanted to comment on Anjali and Gradmommy latest posts, but have been unable to. Maybe I'll just email you my comments instead.  :(


feMOMhist said...

haha we've all been noting it while wordpress peeps have been complaining about the TWO words now required for verification. FWIW I turned my off and spam folder has caught all but 1

feMOMhist said...

from either Nicole or maggie (aka G.G.) via my blog

Could you tell Mama in Translation I would comment on her blog PSA, except I can't because she only has the Google Account and Open ID options?

FeMomhist-- that's not my complaint with blogger. I can't comment on blogspot posts unless they have the anonymous or name/website option. The OpenID option for people with Wordpress on blogger has been broken for at least a month.