Thursday, March 08, 2012

Out of Africa

The trip is fantastic as it should be, but I already feel like I want to come back to Africa someday and I hope I can. Too little time, obviously.

Another thing is that I love traveling so much I wish I could just live traveling. It would be crazy and insane and that's not how life is for regular people, so I obviously can't do it, but, generally, when I'm traveling (even when I go to Brazil for a couple of months), I don't really miss home at all.

I should be in bed (we arrived at this hotel close to 11 pm and it's 2:20 am for me now), but I needed to appease my internet withdrawal symptoms which were getting out of hand (sigh). Traveling is stressful and being able to spend sometime online makes me feel sane and happy.

A few highlights of the trip so far...

We went to Sun City for a day + night and... accidentally (I'll try to share more later), K, the kids and I got to go into the Palace (some images here) and up in the "King Tower." It was close to sunset and...we didn't have a camera, obviously.

Cape Town... all of it, particularly Table Mountain and the view of the city from Robben Island & the boat.

The drive from Cape Town to Cape Point... the views, the penguins, the oceans (yes, two, though that's not accurate -- the Atlantic & the Indian), wow...

Tomorrow at 6 am (remember, it's 2:30 right now), we depart for Kruger Park for two days at a private game reserve. I hope it's as awesome as the previous 4 days!

More later!! (this is my first time online since 10 minutes on the ipad on Monday. I was unable to plug in my computer until I borrowed an adaptor from my MIL last night and in this hotel even that adaptor won't work... :(

If there's internet in the safari hotel, I promise to share a few photos since now I'm using one of the hotel's computers).

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