Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Thousandth Post!!!! 20 Years Ago and a Mish Mash of Stuff

Over 5 years of blogging.

Exactly 1000 posts today.

I wanted to go all celebratory, post some beautiful pictures, yada yada yada...

Instead, you get this mishmash of a post. I'll use subtitles to help.

ETA: in the end I "celebrated" by changing my blog header and editing the "About me" a bit.

Twentieth "Anniversary" of Knowing Him

Twenty years ago today, on March 30, 1990, I met K (story here). What a wonderful twenty years these have been! I hope we have at least twenty more in our future together.

Withdrawn Information

There are a few things I haven't told you guys yet. Partly because of the item below.
1. K was going to get an offer from the second place he interviewed at, but obviously had to decline. 66% success rate in his interviews this, what about that? (and no, we haven't heard from the third place yet, OK?)
2. Place #1 already sent the contract. So K is all set, he definitely has the job. The paper hasn't been mailed back yet. (waiting a few more days)

There was something else to tell, but it has entirely "escaped me" right now. Maybe later.

A Foolish & Silly Delicate Fragile Flower
Ha, what a stupid way to talk about myself, but being self-deprecatory is the only way I can try to tackle this issue. The sad truth is that I haven't blogged more and more often because I'm this overly sensitive person at times (or most of the time)* and some blog comments just throw me off balance and make me feel a little sick to my stomach. So then I get somewhat afraid of blogging and shut down a bit...
*I hate, hate, hate to be that way, one of the things I wanted the most in life was to be thick skinned, but then again maybe I wouldn't be such an empathetic person -- I do like being that way. Those of you in whose blogs I comment copiously know that I am easily moved by what I read and I really really empathize with people (too much sometimes).

Tons more
There's so much more I want to blog about. Maybe a "preview list" can help me and remind me to do it. I want to blog about:
- the boys and reading
- spring flower photos
- about having the house on the market a second time
- etc. ;-)

And some other unrelated things, such as the fact that I was on pins and needles watching the health-reform vote and that I wanted to "celebrate" by writing a post about health care in Brazil, but then in the end didn't have time...

I am on pins & needles waiting to find out whether I'm going to have a 5th nephew or the very first niece. Sigh. K's family is just unbelievable. His parents had 4 boys, the 7th grandson will be born in July. Why can't we have a niece/grand-daughter in August? BIL "K3" swears it's another boy. We'll know soon.

Edited to add:
P.S. The greatest, historic, blogger meet up didn't happen this weekend, unfortunately. Maybe in May. Or July. Or... I don't know when, but someday in the future. If we move to VA, we'll be driving through this blogger's "whereabouts" every time we go to Montreal to visit the B&S in-law.


Keiko said...

yey!!! Parabens!!!

Contente de ter visto vcs tb, ainda que pouquinho


Rene said...

Glad so hear more from you. I know you're still posting more than I am, but I can usually count on you for a good read, and I've been missing that.

We'll be sure to call or Skype as soon as we find out (April 13, I think).

ArticulateDad said...

So... the land of Jefferson it is, eh?