Monday, March 15, 2010

Cake Baking, Basement Flooding, Boys' Sleepover...

This was a busy and yet strangely relaxing weekend.

As those who are facebook & twitter friends with me already know, on Friday night I baked four cakes (two on a large sized silicone bundt pan) and two smaller vegan cakes (from Vegan Lunchbox) on small angel food cake pans (more precisely a "flan" pan from Brazil). These were for making two "8" shaped cakes to celebrate Kelvin's birthday in the church potluck and then in his sleepover party.

Then, we got home on Saturday afternoon to an unpleasant surprise -- one room in our basement (the one with the oil tank and furnace) was almost flooded! Nothing as catastrophic and unfortunate as what Geeky Mom's family is experiencing not too far from here, but still very annoying. What saved us was that we had several pieces of leftover carpet on the floor of that room and the carpet absorbed all the water, which didn't seep into the carpeting of the finished part of the basement. We had to dry it all up with an old sponge mop and rags... and we had people coming over in less than two hours. Sigh. I was pretty stressed out about it, but in the end it didn't take that long to dry/clean it and remove the soaked carpet pieces.

As for Kelvin's birthday celebration (I'll try to write a post about this later) in the end we had only two boys for Kelvin's sleepover, but one came in the evening with his family to play Wii and another came this morning, so there wasn't a lot of confusion and chaos in the house. I think I prefer smaller and calmer birthdays like these than the huge parties that we threw in all previous years. As I wrote on fb, I think that the years of "Brazilian style" birthday bashes for the boys are nearly over (we may still throw a big party for Linton in May/June as a "farewell event" too).

Anyhow, I don't think I'm looking forward to the rest of this week and I need to go to sleep soon because tomorrow we have tons of schoolwork to take care of.

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