Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Making to the "Olympics"

This is the first of at least two "metaphors" for K's job search that I'll post here. They may be clichéd and/or ineffective, but I'll share them anyway... that's what people without an editor do (although I should be a self-editor).

When he clinched the third interview, K declared that this would be the high point of his academic career. The job itself may not be offered to him, but the mere fact that he's been selected for an interview at an elite school means that he's reached the most recognition he could ever reach at this point. Even if it's only recognition of his potential, not his accomplishments, much like President Obama's Nobel Prize.

And he compared it to making to the Olympics -- only a few athletes from each country are selected to represent it, and he "made it." Now, getting the job would be the equivalent of winning a gold medal. Just having been able to compete is already significant, though.

His last and toughest day of competition is tomorrow and he's happy to just be there. Medal or not.


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I'll be thinking of him--and all of you! Best of luck to K.!