Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I love snow, except when I can't

And I can't love the beautiful snow that's falling out there tonight and that will continue falling tomorrow because K has a most important job interview on Thursday and it's a 4h+ drive away.

I wished he could have left before the storm, but he was busy working on his presentation and the last minute need to borrow a laptop from a friend (ours doesn't connect to the video projector anymore and we cannot afford a new one). He's still working on the presentation as I type. I wanted to keep a "vigil" staying up as late as needed with him, but I don't think I'll be able to do that.

The boys will wake up early and I have two extras tonight and tomorrow (our friends' sons, 7 and 10) to look after.

I'll keep you posted about K's travel. We think he won't leave until tomorrow evening when the storm will be winding down.

Oh, and we had nice plans for tomorrow and the weekend... We were going to drive down together to K's brother's house in Maryland where I'd stay during the interview and then we'd spend the weekend there too. The snowstorm rendered that plan unfeasible. :-(

BIL had called to say, however, that it would be hard for us to come and visit anyway since there are no parking spaces available at the crowded townhome community where he lives. Things are chaotic in the D.C. area right now!

I just hope that K can get to his destination safely tomorrow night. Until then, I'm at odds with the snow.

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