Friday, February 12, 2010

Going Annie

my apologies for the repeated editing.
This morning, a nightmare woke me up at 5 am. I went back into a fitful sleep until 7 and then got up, the night spoiled by the terror of a strange dream. I guess it may have been an after-effect of the late night adrenaline shot.

I was in my parents' old house -- the house where we lived when I got married, back in 1994 (in São Paulo, Brazil). There were a few people there and then, out of nowhere, appeared this guy and he had a gun. The gun was bad enough, but then we heard this clicking noise and there was this "thing" on the floor, it looked a bit like a broken toy truck, wish loose wheels and stuff. When I saw it, I new immediately that it was a bomb. "Throw it out!" I screamed to my brother, but he picked it up and threw it very close (you know how in a dream you cannot run well, or get things to move?). Then, I picked it up and threw it away, I think, but it didn't go very far either. There was a guy car parked in the neighbor's driveway and the "bomb" landed right behind the car, still inside the fenced gate and I screamed to the man in the car. "Get out!! Get out!" And I think he did, and the bomb began to explode, only it wasn't a Hollywood explosion, I just saw a some sparks and fire and then I woke up.

Of course K is still away and this morning will be the last "leg" of his interview. I'm sure that this is in my thoughts too. I'll write more about it later, but now I just want to share a couple of pictures. I took the one below yesterday morning, when I woke up at 7:30, this time because I knew that early morning light would be the best for photos of the historic blizzard of 2010 (and besides the wind wouldn't have blown all the snow away yet from the trees). Incidentally, this was the photo I selected for the cover of my facebook album. If you're my friend in there, you can check it out, there are 89 photos! And if you'd like to be facebook friends, just email me, ok? And now I'm going to go all Annie on you. Things may be tough for us right now (I mean, not really, but I'm thinking of those regrets), but I know that "The sun will come out, tomorrow!"

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Rene said...

Pretty. Great shot of the sun in the second picture.