Thursday, February 04, 2010

Abstract Art by a Seven Year Old

(7.9 years old, to be exact)

Kelvin made this during church the weekend I was away in Brazil and my mom had him scan it and email to the whole family! I saw the email first and then I was amazed when I saw the real thing since it is just so small! (only a few inches long and wide). I love the colors he used. I've wanted to post it for over a month, but only had the chance now. I thought that this would make for a nice back to back post with the previous one. :-)

Now, if I tell you that both of my boys do not like to draw (Kelvin is quite good at it when he tries, but Linton is not) and color, you won't believe it, will, ya? It's nothing but the truth, though. That's another reason why I really love their art classes.

P.S. Laura (from Portugal) asked about the cyber-classes and I'd just like to explain a bit to her that the boys are enrolled in a "Cyber School," which is a virtual, computer-based kind of charter school (a different kind of public school, a definition here), so their art classes are part of that. I will try to write more about cyber schooling at some other time. International students can also enroll in at least one American cyber school (there may be more, but this is the only one I'm aware of, it's not ours, BTW), but it's pretty costly.

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Aliki2006 said...

I love the art!

I spent close to an hour the other week trying to find a free, cyber school that I could enroll L. in. But unless you live in PA, the only other option is private, and they are too costly.