Monday, October 15, 2007

Doing the Math

This is a quick post that is a "pre-requisite" to some other posts I want to write, so here you go.

Fact #1:
- K's new salary is more than double the post-doc one (20% more than double in fact, counting his signing bonus)

Supposition #1:
- We should be able to have much more money to live now. [Wrong]

Fact #2:
- Our new house cost almost twice as much the price we sold the old one for.

Supposition #2:
The new mortgage should be double the old one. [It is not]

Fact #3:
Because we had some debt from building this house [nice slide show in post] in Brazil last year and buying a much needed second car we were only able to pay 5% down on this house, so... the morgage is more than TRIPLE the previous one.

We have almost the same money left over after the mortgage, taxes, and benefits (retirement plan, life and health insurance) are discounted. So, we have to keep on living on a tight budget... same old, same old. And it will be tough to renovate the house on said budget. That's one of the reasons why I "was" (still am sometimes) impatient the other day... This has some other ramifications I will discuss in coming posts.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I shouldn't be "complaining" about money today, but this post had been planned in my mind a long time ago -- today I spent the day assembling two dressers that we bought at IKEA for our bedroom. We don't have much $ left, but we just couldn't live with the chaos anymore.

We're also removing the carpet in the bathrooms (they were carpeted because the original vinyl tiles underneath have asbestos in them :( ) and replacing it with cheap vinyl tiles so we can have semi-decent bathrooms until we can afford a full renovation (ceramic tile floors, replacing the ceramic tiles on the wall, new vanity, hopefully, a new tub as well, and glass doors on the stall baths).

All this sudden activity is because my parents-in-law are coming to spend the night and see the house on Thursday and most probably K2 (second BIL) and his family will come visit us during the weekend. I love to prepare for family visits even though it's a bit stressful trying to get all the planned things done. I've been taking photos of the renovation, I just hope to find some time to post them since there's just way too much stuff to do around here.

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