Sunday, February 22, 2015

Working, working, working, on this bright white and blue day

Outside, it's bright with snow, sunlight and blue skies. Temperatures are beautiful too, for the time being, and I sweated buckets when doing my part of the driveway shoveling and car-digging this morning. I felt really, really bad for our old neighbors and friends in Massachusetts, though. They have it SOOO much worse!

We're all working hard today. The boys on their science fair projects and robotics (Kelvin is at school doing that now) and I'm translating as much as I can. I'm not far from finishing the longest (100 page) chapter!

K is at the university working because our internet is really bad and his remote access isn't working properly. Next week he'll be away at his national conference and I don't know how I'll manage by myself with the boys (sob!).

K was emphasizing this morning that I complain that he doesn't cook, but that it takes about 30 minutes to prepare and feed the boys breakfast and that he did "cook"  every day, yes. OK, I have to concede he is immensely helpful in everything around the house. He's even been preparing salads lately while I cook the main dish!!!

In any case, I'm looking forward to watching the Oscars while grading a big pile of exams, quizzes and compositions. It's the BEST strategy to grade and I'm thankful for the Grammys two weeks ago and the fantastic amazing SNL 40th anniversary last Sunday. I had much fun while being extremely productive. YAY!!

OK, I'll work some more before I have to drive to the elementary school to pick up my son...

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