Monday, February 02, 2015

The Chilling Super Bowl Ad (& the one I liked)

I had already seen references to it in M's facebook feed, but I didn't see the until today.

I couldn't help it. I had silent tears running down my face as I watched it, being aware that it was a real call for help.

We watched very little of the Super Bowl (only the second half, after the show) because had guests for dinner last night. My husband's uncle and aunt (who had last been at our house maybe 8 years ago, shortly before they went to Africa -- they came back to the U.S. two years ago) stopped by as they drove non-stop from San Antonio, TX to Maryland.

The only ad I actually saw was the Dodge one, and I loved it:

I don't know if I'll waste my time watching any other ads (unless someone recommends them).

P.S. you know we went to school in MA & my kids were born there. We were happy with the result of the game. ;-)

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