Friday, February 06, 2015

Reading, Field-Tripping, Not Sleeping... (and dreading to wake/get up)

I guess the title kind of summarizes this week. Those activities, or lack thereof, added to my already super-busy teaching schedule.

I'm reading more of the books that arrived last week, into the night, obviously... sigh (I know I shouldn't be doing that, but it's fun to read like that).

I want to write a photo post about the field trip, hopefully I can do that later today.

For now I'm glad that the weekend is here and I hope to be able to sleep in and take naps.

Too bad I have a stack of exams to grade... sigh. I do need to sleep more, though, and hope that next week I won't be dreading getting up and going to work as much as I did this week.

Sorry for the super boring update. Sometimes I feel the need to write one of these. ;-)

P.S. I can't wait to watch the Divergent movies. Even if they may not have had much critical success. From the trailer of the first one I can tell it'll be a way better adaptation than the Hunger Games (the first movie)

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